Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st Plowing of the Season


MTWC said...

Cool photos. I found your blog through blogger play. Wish you could send some of that snow where I live. Where I am from (Nashville, TN),we get a 6 inch snowstorm only about every 4 years or so and average about 9 or 10" annually.
-Clay at MTWC

Marc and Mike said...

Wow, that is one thing that I don't miss about Minneapolis! It is actually snowing today in Seattle, however, but we will get 1" which should melt in a day or two. If we want snow, we can drive an hour up into the mountains to enjoy great skiing, etc. Great blog - much fancier than ours! Mike

MTWC said...

Thanks! Yeah the snow here is nice because we almost always get some measurable snow in the winter-time and considering how bad southerners drive in the stuff it only takes about an inch of snow to get all the schools and even some colleges closed. But the same as Seattle, snow rarely sticks for more than a few days. Except if you drive about 4 hours east in to the Appalachians and get above about 4000'. We got 7-9 inches here in Niddle TN in January 2003 and since then it has
pretty quiet (snows less than 3 inches). Despite the somewhat mild climate few truly southern people (like me) are sold on Global warming yet even though we believe the world has warmed some. BTW.. Al Gore lives about 10 minutes away from my place.