Monday, October 27, 2008

Emotional Tour Photos Article 1

What are they?
Maybe I should first state what they are not. In general they are not a wide shot of a room, nor a pan of multiple rooms. Those type of photos provide a necessary understanding of the general floor plan, but do little to evoke emotion. If the “wide” type shot is used properly in the virtual tour, it can set a desire to see the area in more detail. An example is a “pan” of the family, dining, kitchen area, followed by a still of the family area, then followed with a closeup of the fireplace with a chair in the foreground. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see the floor plan, an idea of the size and shape of the family room, and them sitting next to the fireplace on a chilly day or evening. The fireplace photograph is to stimulate the viewer “buyer” to sense the feeling of sitting next to the fireplace in the Family room. A warm,peaceful,relaxing moment.
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